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Buddhist Heritage Tour

Day 1 buddha Arrival at Bhubaneswar Airport / Railway station and transfer to hotel. Half day visit of Dhauligiri Peace Pagoda and Ashokan Rock Edict dated back to 261 BC.. O/N at Bhubaneswar.

Day 2 Full day visit of Ratnagiri & Udaigiri (Buddhist Monasteries, stupas and museums). O/N at Hotel Nirvana, Lalitagiri.

Day 3 Morning visit to Lalitagiri Buddist heritage site and museum of Lalitagiri where Bhuddhist antiques were kept for visitors. Later visit nearby village famous for stone craft from ancient times. Later drive to Langudi to visit Budhist Rock cut carving. Way back visit filigree work at Cuttack. O/N at Bhubaneswar.

Day 4 Departure transfer for Bodh Gaya - Nalanda.

Orissa Beach Tour

1 Arrival at Bhubaneshwar. Transfer to Hotel.

2 Visit of Temples & Caves at Bhubaneshwar.

3 Drive to Puri enroute visiting Konark Sun Temple Dhauli Peace Pagoda & Pipli Applique work. Overnight at Puri. Relax o beach.

4 Jagannath Darshan in the morning & drive to Gopalpur On Sea. Overnight at Gopalpur. Relax on beach.

5 Excursion to Taptapani. Reax in hot sulphur water.

6 Drive to Bhubaneshwar for onward connection

Orissa Cuisine Tour. - Tour code -AHT:: 125

Cuisine of Orissa is simple just like the inhabitants of the state. Food pattern is largely the same as that seen in the neighboring states of Bihar and West Bengal due to the proximity and similar geographical conditions.

Rice is the major food crops and the staple food for the people of Orissa. Vegetables which are grown in plenty too form and integral part of the meal in the state. A large number of people practice vegetarianism because of their deep religious nature. But a significant proportion of people relish fish and other sea food delicacies like prawns, crabs and lobsters as these are found in plenty in the vast coastline of the state.

Oriya food is spicy and has less calorific value as it is cooked with little or no oil. Curd and coconut milk find great use in the diet of the people. People are also very much fond of sweets and many of the recipes are popular all over the country. 'Pancha-phutana' a magic mix of cumin, mustard, fennel, fenugreek and kala zeera is used for tempering vegetables and dals.